The Denise H. Bedenbaugh Scholarship

2016 Denise H. Bedenbaugh Scholarship Winners
White Knoll High School - Misty Smith
Lexington High School - Maria Chiarel
River Bluff High School - Julie Hansard

Denise Bedenbaugh as she Found out the Scholarship was Named After Her

The Friends of the Lexington Main Library are offering three $500 scholarships.  One will be awarded to a student in the Lexington attendance area, one will be awarded to a student in the White Knoll attendance area, and one will be awarded to a student in the River Bluff attendance area. Students who are homeschooled in these areas are also welcome to apply. Students may use these funds for their post-secondary education.

Who is eligible for this scholarship? 
Any graduating senior in the Lexington, White Knoll, or River Bluff attendance areas (including students who are homeschooled) pursuing a post-secondary education may apply.  The student must be a resident of Lexington County, South Carolina in order to be eligible.

What is the scholarship?
The Friends of Lexington Main Library will award three $500 scholarships to graduating seniors in the Lexington, White Knoll, and River Bluff attendance areas.  This is a one-time scholarship that can be applied to tuition, books, fees, etc.

General Rules

An essay is required. Applicants will be judged on character, sincerity of purpose, initiative, leadership and need.  This scholarship is issued “one time only” and is not renewable.

The Friends of Lexington Main Library Scholarship Committee shall review all essays and shall have full authority to grant the scholarship.

How To Apply

Please see the Guidance Department at Lexington High School, White Knoll High School, or River Bluff High School. Those who are homeschooled may pick up an application from the Lexington Main Public Library. Deadline dates vary from year to year.  Guidance counselors will send completed applications to Mary Alice Lorick.  The scholarship chairperson's email is All other applicants can mail their application to the Friends of the Lexington Main Library, PO Box 1015, Lexington, SC 29071. Due dates vary each year – contact us for more info.